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A Green Last-Mile Delivery Platform

Efficiency Meets Sustainability: Transforming Last-Mile Operations.

We are committed to continually enhancing the performance and efficiency of our rider partners, thereby creating a new-aged green, on-demand hyperlocal delivery channel.

Our Services

Unlock the potential of our customisable solution stack and embrace a cleaner, interconnected future for last-mile delivery.

Green Last- Mile Deliveries

Green Last- Mile Deliveries

Our highly motivated riders, equipped with new aged green two-wheelers ensure that your packages are delivered on time, carbon-free.
Fleet Management

Fleet Management

Our custom built fleet management solution helps in maximising productivity and cost-effectiveness while ensuring the safety and performance of the vehicles. Benefit from real-time vehicle tracking and monitoring, maintenance and repair scheduling, battery management, driver management, and compliance with regulatory requirements.
Monitor Operations in Real Time

Monitor Operations in Real Time

Experience modern logistics management with real-time fleet operations tracking. Effectively monitor and manage your fleet's movements, optimize routes, boost driver productivity, and ensure timely delivery of goods and services to your clients.
Data Driven Decision Making

Data Driven Decision Making

At Jumppers, our main focus is on data analysis and report generation to assist in making informed decisions. We take into account various factors such as vehicle replacements, route planning, and resource allocation to improve the overall functioning of fleet management.


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